Friday, September 28, 2012

Power of the Book Launch

Kate Orman's quite excellent The Left-Handed Hummingbird can be found an entry below this, but I have some, from my perspective at least, rather more exciting news. At long (far too long) last, I am happy to announce that the second volume of the book version of TARDIS Eruditorum is available. Here are the sales links: Kindle Edition - $4.99 Print Edition - $13.99 Kindle Edition - £3.49 (VAT excluded) Print Edition - £10.99 (VAT excluded)
Smashwords - $4.99

It's also available in several other nationalities' Amazon stores, including .de and .fr - I trust you to find it if you want it from there. All prices are based on the American Kindle price so as to make my royalties come out roughly the same no matter where you buy the book. The Smashwords link is the one that can provide you with alternate versions such as an EPUB version suitable for iBooks or the Nook. The book will be making its way to Barnes and Noble, Apple, and other ebook retailers over the next few weeks, but that's a somewhat slow process, and you can get a version that you can put on your ereader of choice manually now.

Here's what you get:

  • Revised and expanded versions of every entry on Patrick Troughton from the blog.
  • Three brand-new full-length Time Can Be Rewritten entries on Christopher Bulis's Twilight of the Gods, Big Finish's adaptation of the unmade Prison in Space, and Stephen Baxter's brand-spanking-new The Wheel of Ice
  • Assorted new short essays, including a look at all the stuff I skipped with The Invasion to do a weird psychogeographic tour of London, yet another definitive take on UNIT dating, and an overall retrospective on Troughton's Doctor.
  • The opportunity to support your friendly neighborhood blogger, more about which in a moment.
If you have a Doctor Who or sci-fi website of any sort and would like a review copy, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll get you one.

Furthermore, f you haven't tried the first volume, I've also put it on a one-week sale for $2.99 on Amazon and £1.99 on, with the print editions discounted appropriately as well. If you're in the UK and want the print edition, that's also now available in the UK directly instead of via tedious shipping from the US. That's for sale here. The prices on the Hartnell books will return to their default levels on October 5th.

You may also notice the very, very fantastic cover art at the top of the post. That's courtesy of James Taylor (not that one), who I intend to make sure I keep ahold of. I highly recommend the print edition, as the overall jacket design is a real piece of work. He's got a blog post about his design process here.

As for the inevitable question about Pertwee, I'm expecting to begin working on that full-time in mid-October, and I have at this point streamlined the copyediting process down to a few months due to the wonders of paying people, so I don't think this one is going to take another ten months.

Which leaves the begging. The spiel here is straightforward, and what I've said before: I graduated with a PhD in English into the worst job market that field has ever seen. And A PhD in English is not what you'd call "highly useful" in a lot of fields other than academia. So that's a bit vertigo inducing, and causes some problems, especially when you look at the massive pile of student loan debt that doesn't give a rat's ass if I'm employed or not. I don't want to overstate my case - I have a comfortable life, I have no worries about putting food on the table now or in the foreseeable future. I'm not some model of abject poverty.

But equally, I've put a lot of time into this blog, and I'd like to think that providing a product that thousands of people enjoy every day is something that one can make money off of. Don't get me wrong, this blog is a hobby. I'll keep posting the blog for free until there's not a single televised episode of Doctor Who left that I haven't covered. You owe me nothing, and I'm grateful to you just for reading. But as I said, I'd like to find out that I live in a world where a weirdo with a PhD in English can make something resembling a living by writing something people enjoy. And this is where you can help with that. So if you do enjoy the blog, please consider the book.

Finally, I don't have a marketing budget for this. My marketing budget is word of mouth. So whether you can scrounge up the money to buy a copy or not, please, at the very least, link to this post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or whatever. E-mail your other Doctor Who loving friends, go to forums with Doctor Who fans and tell them to buy the book, do what you can to spread the word that this book exists and that you think it's pretty cool and think other people might like it too. And if you do buy a copy, once you've read it, please go review it on Amazon. Even if you think it's crap. Reviews help. I'm not one of those authors who pays for good reviews or who reviews his own books.

But most of all, and I know I've said this before, but thank you. All of you. Everyone who reads this blog and makes the comments a lively community that I'm proud to be a part of. Writing this blog has already been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Thank you.


  1. Yoink! Ordered (UK Kindle version, in case you're keeping track). I look forward to diving back into these again...

  2. It's time I bought your Hartnell book. I can't keep putting it off.

    I'm glad you managed to do something with yourself despite the career disappointment.

    You know, Phil, I feel for you because I found myself in the same position. I did a PhD in theology and realised before I had graduated that academic jobs are just too few. I managed to find another career helping alcoholics and drug users. Not a career I had ever dreamed of, but I enjoy it.

    I don't know what opportunities are available to you, but don't be afraid to try something different if you can.

  3. Now bought both books. Thank the British taxpayers for funding my drug and alcohol service.

  4. Thank you back! I've ordered both Kindle and paperback version. What a fantastic cover; I'll for sure order the Hartnell version with the new cover too.

    I'm sorry to see no Pop Between Realities on It Happened Here -- any chance of getting that into the revised Hartnell volume too? It really is a tremendously important piece of the puzzle.

  5. Just ordered it, Phil, and greatly looking forward to it. The cover looks fantastic.

  6. Is the Massacre essay you left out of the Hartnell book on accident included in this one? You were planning to do that, but I just wanted to check you hadn't forgotten.

    Regardless, I'll pick up a paper copy in a couple days.

  7. This just joined the Hartnell book on the Kindle app. Looking forward to journeying back through Troughton years!

  8. Done and done. Really enjoyed the Hartnell posts and the book so I'm looking forward to reaquainting myself with your Troughton musings. Good luck with finding gainful employment which uses your talents to the full. I know how that feels, I'm a qualified drama teacher looking for work at the moment but recession cuts mean drama is not considered a subject that deserves funding.

  9. That cover is magnificent. Well done to both of you.

  10. Of course I bought it. Heck, I've already *finished* the thing (and a great piece of work it was, I have to say). Will definitely be getting the print edition as well, partially because I am a compeltionist but also that cover is too amazing to only have on my laptop screen.

  11. Got it for my Kindle; I may break down and get the dead tree version starting with the next one. The lack of the Massacre entry kept me from doing that with the the first one, and since you make the same money either way it didn't seem to matter otherwise.

    Particularly liked the "What Ought Be Found?" essay; it's one of the first times I can recall looking at the question on the basis of "which episodes would tell us the most" as opposed to "what do we most want to see".

    On a note related to the updated Underwater Menace article: There are actually some more brief clips on the Krotons DVD; although nothing as impressive as the one scene that's out at large. By the way, we all need to give Phil due credit on that one: He called that scene as key before the find.

  12. Just bought the smashwords epub for reading on my new iPad. The artwork is indeed gorgeous. Can't wait to dig in to the text. I don't comment a lot but your blog is one of my first stops whenever I open the RSS reader. Happy to support in whatever small way I can.

  13. Oddly, had just finished rereading the Hartnell book this week, and wished the second volume was out. Nice to see not everything's going so bad this week. Love the cover, bought and bought.

  14. Just bought both volumes (dead tree editions) on

    Very much looking forward to revisiting the wonderful essays from the earlier days of the Blog, and finding all the new stuff and the revised entries. Two print volumes is a fantastic achievement, and I'm looking forward to all the rest as they appear!

    Can't let the utterly gorgeous cover art for volume 2 pass unnoticed. Outstanding work. The second volume looks every bit as amazing on the outside as both volumes are on the inside. You definitely need to keep ahold of Mr Taylor!

  15. Just bought this on Smashwords. I wish the first book had been available in epub form when it was first released, but I'm very much looking forward to this.

  16. I bought the Hartnell edition few months ago and seeing the post on Friday as soon as I got home from a trip I order the Kindle version of the Troughton one. I look forward to reading the new one.

  17. I've been enjoying the blog for several months now, so felt it was time to do my bit. I've just bought both volumes, and I'm looking forward to reading them in their expanded forms.

    Keep writing, I'll keep supporting!

  18. Order delayed because they ran out of copies of both books. Looks like a few people placed an order..

    1. That's... very strange, given that the book is print-on-demand.

    2. I'm guessing there's a limit on how many they can print in a day - doesn't mean there's a rush on this one (though there might be), but there might be a rush for on demand books as a whole as they likely share printing resources.

    3. My physical copy arrived yesterday, after a similar email announcing a delay.

      Is there some significance to the last paragraph or two of the chapters in the first half being centred rather than left-justified? It is so consistently done it looks deliberate.

    4. I wish there were, but no, it's Microsoft Word's bizarre tendency to maintain the formatting on consecutive paragraphs across a page break, so when I centered a chapter title it went back and centered the last page of the preceding paragraph. I noticed it happen about a dozen times during formatting. Apparently I also didn't notice it happen once.

  19. This is wonderful! Can't wait to see the the Third Volume;)